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.You will find here all informations on Tai country administred by our familly from 7th century to 1954.

Our goal is to build our virtual Sip Song Chau Tai and provide language and culturals. We need all of us to share experiences, oral history, pictures, cooking recipe... to be give to our next generation.

You can use forum following or email to contact us please write in english or in french and english.


Tai country - Sip Song Chau Tai :

1. Muong Te, 2. Muong So, 3. Muong Sat, 4. Muong Ma, 5. Muong Lay, 6. Muong Chien, 7. Muong Chan, 8. Muong Than, 9. Muong Quai, 10. Muong Thanh, 11. Muong Muoi, 12. Muong Lo, 13. Muong La, 14. Muong Mua, 15. Nam Ma, 16. Muong Vat.17. Muong Tac, 18. Muong Xang, 19. Muong Mun

 Deo van long Tai country leader

S.A. Deo Van Long - Last Tai country leader in Tai country.

We want wish you an happy new years of the cat 

May health and fortune be with you and your family.

My intend goes to all of us incounter lifes difficulties, illness,  solitude, starving.


Prince Gwenaël Louis GARAUD
Grand Chancellor of Taï  Merit Orders

We want this year rehabilitated our distintive sign, and we would like to encourage you to use our  double white cross an very ancien  mark of Tai nobility. Deconnected with Christian church it's found need to be look for in old buddist iconograph.

Tai nobles pennant

This pennant can be today use by all reconised noble Tai, mean descendants of  Tai prince of Tai country, fisrt son and first Daughter.
This year may I recomant you several resources about our ancertors ?
-    a very documentated website.
- with a lot of related documentation of Deo van Tri
- "la france et les princes thais des confins du Viet-Nam et du Laos" à book write by Mr Fabrice Mignot.
- Guimet Museum with a sample of Tai culture domestic object
- Quai Branky museum iconographie :

Deo Vantri Yamen entrance
Deo familly Yamen entrance - note dragons standing on roof top - Quai Branly museum iconographies sources.

In conclusion I hope that this year will be a good fortume year for you.

Best new year to all of us.